Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Mediapprove?

Mediapprove is a markup online tool for video producers and design studios to collaborate on line.

2. Which browsers and file formats are supported?

The application has been tested on all major modern browsers and tablets.
Video: mp4, ogg, wbm, (coming soon: mov, flv, avi, wmv, asf)
Images: PNG, JPEG and GIF
Audio: mp3
Documents: PDF

3. How are the files secured?

We use latest industry-standard technologies in 128 bit SSL encryption.

4. What provisions are available for white label, branding or in-house customization?

All account holders access through their own login page which can be customize with your logo. Mediapprove shall also offer an enterprise solution to integrate our functionality into their network.

5. What is the learning curve and availability for support?

We have video tutorials, online documentation and webinars etc. For any specific issue, please contact us. We respond to all emails the same day. If you would like a call back, please provide the number you can be reached at.

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